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What is is an online searchable directory of schools and a Pakistani parent community. The Goal of the site is to connect parents with the tools, information and community they need to learn and to support and inspire each other to make better decisions about their children's education and wellbeing.

What is a Parent School Group?

A Parent School Group is a community of parent's on, whose kids attend a certain school. Each Parent School Group is dedicated to a certain school campus / branch. The group allows parents to get to know each other and to communicate, discussing things such as homework problems, preparation of costumes for school events, school related concerns they may have or problems they or their child faces face, sharing news and views etc. You can find and join your Parent School Group here.

What are Questions & Answers?

The Question & Answer feature on allows any parent to ask a question and get answers from other parents. For example, you may want to know what other parents are doing to help their child improve their reading or if other parents allow their kids to sleep over at their friend's place. As a parent you can just about ask any question related to your child's education and wellbeing and hope to get the views and opinions of other parents.

What are Stories and Advice?

Stories and Advice are like blogs. The feature allows parents to share their stories and advice with other parents. For example, a parent may wish to share their experience about dealing with a child who has difficulty concentrating so that others who face the same problem can benefit or their story about a enjoyable summer trip they enjoyed with their family to inspire others to undertake similar trips. Share any advice you have that you think will benefit other parent's or tell a story that you think will make good reading and guide and inspire others.

What are Parent School Reviews?

Parent School Reviews are written by parents whose kids attend a certain school. Reviews are feedback and insight about the school that allow other parents to learn more about a school and decide if the school is a good match for their needs of their child. We encourage you to write a review about your child's school so that other parents can learn more and make informed decisions. As a parent looking for a school for your child, read all the reviews that parents have posted to decide if a school is appropriate for your child and if you should schedule a school visit.

Why does the content I post such as a question or answer or a comment not appear immediately on the site?

To combat spam and to ensure that only quality content that is relevant to parents makes it on to the site we may moderate content such as questions and answers, comments, review you post on the site. As soon as you post something our moderators read it and publish it (making it visible on the site) if they think it is relevant and useful to other parents. Please read our community guidelines to understand what we mean by relevant content.

What is Parent's Opinion?

Parent's Opinion is a way to initiate lively debate and to see what parents think about child education and wellbeing related issues. We ask a question and ask parents to post their opinions. The opinions posted by parents are discussed and debated and maybe a consensus may arise out of this debate about the issue about which opinion was sought.

My child's school is missing from What should I do?

If you are unable to find your child's school on let us know by using the Contact Us page and we would be more than happy to add the details of the school to the database.

Who funded, created and runs is funded and run by a few parents who had a very hard time finding good schools for their children when they moved from one city to another. In other words, was created to address a need we (as parents) believe other parents share with us. The community features in were created to help parents connect, share and learn from each other and to give and get support.

Do schools pay any money to to have their details listed? is FREE for both schools and parents. We do not take any money from schools to have their details carried by We also do not charge parents for using or for becoming members.

If is free for both schools and parents, how do you make money to sustain the site? development and hosting costs are currently borne by parents who created the site. In the future we plan to incorporate useful and relevant advertising on the site to help make it sustainable.

In school details, what does Foreign Affiliation mean?

This simply indicates if a certain school is affiliated with a school system / educational group / educational establishment outside the country. Such affiliations may help students at such schools to pursue part of their education outside the country. A school that offers A Level or O Level does not mean that it has foreign affiliation.

In school details, what does Caters for Special Needs mean?

This indicates if a certain school has the facilities and staff to educate special need kids with physical or mental disabilities.

Can I sign into using my Facebook account?

Yes you can? Simply click on the Facebook login button at the top of any page or on the login page and we will log you in using your Facebook account.

How do I get in touch with you?

We look forward to speaking with you. To get in touch with us simply fill in our Contact Us form and we will definitely get back to you.

What is your privacy policy? What information do you collect about me and how do you protect and use this information?

We value your privacy and do not share your information with anyone else. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

What are featured school groups?

We aim to develop micro-communities around schools. Thats why we have created school groups. Featured school groups are those groups which we are promoting at the moment.

School Reviews
Review a School
Army Burn Hall College for Boys, Abbottabad, Abbottabad

Written by Shahid Farooq

Remained in the matchless college for a long time as a Lecturer and Head of English as well. The culture, the environment, and the fragrance of Burn Hall take me to the nostalgic reminisence. Beautiful days of my life are synchronized with the college. more

Green City Public High School, The Mall, Wah Cantt

Written by Mohammad Ulfat

On my visit to the Wah Model Town branch. I do agree that the teachers are qualified, there is a full visual setup for children, excellent educational environment even pick and drop service is also free for students BUT they are charging 1800 monthly Fee which is little bit high as compared with other schools in the area. more