American Lycetuff

Gulshan e Ravi, Lahore

Written by Urdu

Recently American Lycetuff school organized "Water Day" (before summer vacations of year 2013) and students were asked to bring in water gun. This resulted in huge demand of water guns from toy stores as there are a lot of students in a number of branches of ths school. This school seems to be becoming more 'commercial' than becoming a 'respectful' institute. Also, teachers need to be more trained and cooperative with the parents.


Written by nadeem

Management is not taking interest in improving education , but their main aim is to increase more branches to earn more


Written by Misha Habib

I am a student of this school which has given great results academically in the past. Some branches however do do not give the best results because they do not have a great number of qualified teachers. I would kindly request the school to improvethe quality of teaching staff and also to improve the Shahjamal Branch in all aspects.


Written by Prof Shahid Farooq

Undoubtedly a prestigious school the only one in Lahore. Highly reputed & result oriented I strongly recommend the parents to get their children admitted in American Lycetuff after my 29 years experience in educational field.


Written by Mariya Komal

Poor staff behavior special. Need more qualified and trained teachers.


Written by hina

This school system is not so great bad. Need to improve in many areas.


Written by abdullahkhan

This is really a very good school. Highly recommended.


Written by sajid butt

I am very happy with the progress of the school and I would love my children to continue with this school.


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