Beacon Light Academy

Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Written by Aysha Ahmed

I passed out almost 13 years back in 2000 and spent 11 years at Beacon Light Academy; it was my second abode. It was a treat to be at school and studies used to be fun. The best part was inculcation of secular as well as religious practices. Very few schools are able to develop that special love for books as was developed by mine. Public speaking and creative writing seems to be an asset, which almost every student at B.L.A acquired. I hope it is still the same or even better.


Written by Nizam Uddin

Beaconlight is the finest and most top ranked school I have come to know. When i was looking for admission for my son I searched for the best schools in the city but Seriously None of them came even came close to the standards of The Beacon Light Academy. I am sure one day my children will achieve the best education level and will be groomed into becoming good practising human beings Insha Allah because of the high quality of education and bringing up of the pupil of this academy.


Written by ali

It was the best school but now it is decreasing its respect because some teachers do not speak English at all and are always scolding students. A large number of children leave the school every year even though the school regularly offers extra curicular activities such as quizes and other IT related programs. If those minor issues are solved our school will gain in popularity and strength.


Written by Syed M Hasan

No doubt this is the best school in comparison with other Cambridge system schools. I would like to suggest the school to consider and affiliation with other boards i.e. Agha Khan Board for a broad spectrum and learning scope. I hope the management would take into consideration as this will benefit the students and will also be beneficial to the schools profile.


Written by abbas alvi

It was one of the best schools in its earlier years but the faculty has changed and the studies are suffering. I hope the school improves to its former glory.


Written by nabiha shahab

One of the great school that I have ever experienced. I love the teachers and appreciate their hard work. I am an Ex student.


Written by Muhammad Zubair Akram

This is the best school in Karachi. The faculty is so good that no other school can compete with this school. The fees is also reasonable too.


Written by Mazhar Farooqui

Very best School in Karachi. I salute the Head of the School for giving high class education. Myself and my family salute to you sir, You did very well.


Written by Faizan



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