Beaconhouse School System, Canal Side Campus

Nawab Town, Lahore

Written by SARA ALI

Beaconhouse School System teaches well. They enable their students to go for a better life, and educate them. It is one of the better schools.


Written by sheeba sajjad

its a very facilitated and organized branch which ingrains positive motivation in students.


Written by Isn

Beaconhouse school is one of the best school but recently the the school result are showing a downwards trend. The school needs to reshuffle it's faculty and take a look at upto date and modern educational systems.


Written by khadija

I am a new student in this school and I have improved a lot ever since I came here. I was always a v good student but the education system and teachers are so enthusiastic and competitive that I got 99/100 in maths which is a big achievement for me. The school also focuses on extra-curricular activities like debates, sports, art and music. The O and A-level system and curricula are taught in an excellent manner. Many students achieved distinctions in many O’ Level subjects. The school and especially the senior branch are accommodated in a purpose built accommodation.


Written by Bakhtawar Azmat

beaconhouse csc provides the students with best learning environment and trains them to lead an outstanding life! keep up the good work!!!!!!


Written by ahmed bin tariq

This is the best school I have ever studied in because the school provides every facility to the children and they can study and play easily. The school has some of the most qualified teachers who support the children in every aspect. AHMED BIN TARIQ 7-E


Written by Waris Ahmed

I am a student of this insitute.This branch holds immense importance in the BSS chain.It is the largest branch of BSS in Lahore.This School is getting great results.IN sports it is the champion of Several intra-regional games.I would recommend u all to join this school.


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