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School Type: Pre-School

Kachehry Road Shadman Colony, Near Aamir Hospital - Shadman Colony - Ahmed Pur East

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The Educators

School Type: Primary , Secondary

Curricula: Matriculation

Kachehry Road Shadman Colony, Near Aamir Hospital - Shadman Colony - Ahmed Pur East

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Army Public School, Saddar, Karachi

Written by aaliya khan

I like this school and am proud that I once studied here, but I have asked around a bit and have received information that there are almost no co-curricular activities here anymore, this is very disturbing for me, as I believe that these activities are the second part of education, and without these activities education would not be complete.I know this as I have done masters in education and myself am a principal of a school in Doncaster. more

Schola Nova, F8, Islamabad

Written by Sadia Malik

I truly believe that Allah led me to Schola Nova. I have put my children through various of the famous schools in Islamabad and been totally disheartened, by the tall claims yet inability to deliver, and even more so by their lack of understanding of each child's individual need. At Schola Nova, each child is encouraged and respected. I have never before seen such a warm environment at a school. Each child is made to excel socially, academically and morally by nourishing their spirit, and catering to their individual needs. Even if your children go to other schools, I strongly urge all parents to just visit Schola Nova and see the immense difference. I thank Allah everyday for leading me to this school. It may not have a big name (because they choose not to be commercial and just make more branches, rather they keep it small and focused) but it has a big heart and a very very dedicated team, its like an extended family for my children. more