St. Joseph's Convent School

Saddar, Karachi

Written by Amna Farooqui

This is a very good school and as I am a student I love this school very much. The school has the best teachers and great sports facilities.


Written by Ex JOSEPHEAN

This school is highly prestigious being an ex-student of this school I would highly recommend this school for girls because of its highly standards and excellent educational faculty, its ambience and discipline is one of a kind. St.Joseph is certainly a school wherè girls should be educated.


Written by fatima abbasi

St Josephs Convent school is one of the bests school in Pakistan as it provides high quality education, has provided good sports facilities to the students so they could polish their skills and talents. Teachers are very co-operative and helpful!


Written by Fancy American

I would never recommend this school to any girl. No sports activities or extra-curriculars. They just focus on studies and that's it.


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